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Exciting plans are underway for 2016!
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2015 Music Monday Recap

With over 1000 registered Music Monday events (totaling 350,000 participants and volunteers), we know that well over half a million Canadians took part in Music Monday in some shape or form on May 4th. Our extensive media coverage reached millions worldwide as we sang together and expressed how much we value music in our schools and in our lives. Music Monday trended in the #3 and #2 spots on Twitter during the day. Our website traffic more than doubled from last year. So, together we further amplified the music, the messages and the awareness of an expanding community of people who value music education for young people.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in Music Monday this year! We especially thank Connor Ross for 'We Are One', the Showcase hosts, performers, speakers and planners of our webcast events, and all of our youth leaders. Exciting plans are underway for Music Monday 2016! Stay tuned for new updates and information about our 2016 registration launch.

MAY 2nd 2016!

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6.3 million participants
14,750 registered events
11 years in harmony

Music Monday is an annual initiative that brings together thousands of students,
musicians, parents and community members across the country to celebrate
the gift of music in our lives, on the same day at the same time.

Our Vision

Our most important goal with Music Monday is to celebrate the galvanizing power of music in Canada and demonstrate how that power is rooted in school music programs. We are creating an event that can be used as a platform to inspire public celebration, awareness and discussion every year. We want to provide a tangible demonstration of how music programs shape young lives and the fun young people have in making music.

Our History

For the past ten years, the Coalition for Music Education in Canada has brought together millions of voices to celebrate the importance for all young people to learn music, especially in their schools. Since our first Music Monday in 2005, we estimate that 6.3 million students and music makers have participated in our coast-to-coast events. 

Our Values

We want to show the important links between school music programs, their communities and the cultural vitality of this country. And finally, it is our hope that the public, particularly parents, are encouraged to actively support quality music education, and that our administrators will make the right decisions for our children and education – an education that includes music as a pillar to a well-balanced educational experience.

"The WHOLE school learned the song and we all went into the gym and led by the school choir, the entire school sang the song!"

Carol Ann MacDougall, Robin Foote elementary, NS

"Local media attended to cover the special event. We were proud and excited to join with students across Canada to better the effort to return qualified music teachers back to our schools."

Janet Hewitt, Notre Dame Catholic School, ON

“I was in a meeting on Music Monday when suddenly I heard the children's voices raised in song wafting through the windows! What a beautiful sound on a beautiful Spring day! It was the Music Monday song”

Janet Libbey, Ottawa, ON

"Our Music Monday event is a great way of exposing the music program taught during the year as well as the progress of a child’s experience from year to year in their primary education."

Krystyna Koelblen, Mount Pleasant Elementary, QC

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Our Music Monday Anthem

The Music Monday anthem serves as a rally cry for the importance of music
in our schools and in our lives. On May 4th 2015, hundreds of thousands
of participants will join together to sing and play the Anthem across the country
in schools, public parks, and communities to celebrate the galvanizing power of music.

"We Are One"

Written and performed by Connor Ross

With We Are One, Bolton, Ontario’s Connor Ross will join the ranks of Serena Ryder, DALA, Chris Tait, Luke Doucet, Col. Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson as a composer of the Music Monday anthem.The song was recorded in The Orange Lounge studios in Toronto, under the direction of multi-platinum award-winning producer, Rob Wells.

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Our Sponsors

On behalf of the organizers and participants, we graciously thank the following organizations
whose participation in Music Monday has greatly elevated our reach and impact.