MMC2C2C Webcast

Ideas and Criteria for submitting a video to MMC2C2C


In order to submit a video to be considered as part of MMC2C webcast on Music Monday, you must first Sign Up.  Once you have signed up for Music Monday, you will receive details to upload your video.  





Submissions: We will begin accepting submissions as of January 30, 2017. We accept videos created by students in Canada about schools and communities in Canada.


Video Length: Ideally, no longer than 3-4 minutes.


Deadline: Submissions must be received by end of day Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Selection Criteria: All videos will be reviewed by a selection panel. Only videos selected by the panel will become eligible for prizes, the #MMC2C2C webcast and special viewing during the live-stream Music Monday National Showcase. Videos will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • youth-led projects from Canadian schools that showcase collaboration and innovation
  • content that reflects school music programs
  • Additional value given to
    • Vision, concept and planning by youth
    • Innovation, creativity and collaboration, i.e.
      • working within the community (i.e. children and youth groups,
      • working with local prominent Canadians to link their voice about Canada’s heritage specific to the region or people
    • Collaboration
      • Working within a school community (e.g. involving various grade levels, linking to other subject areas, linking to school-wide projects, engaging feeder schools or schools within a zone or board)
      • Working with diverse communities and musical genres
      • Working between a school and the surrounding community (e.g. community and seniors centres, libraries, museums, historical and heritage groups, children and youth groups)
      • Working with well known Canadians from the school or region to link their voice about Canada’s musical heritage specific to their region or people (e.g. musicians, or prominent people who connect learning/playing music with their success, such as Chris Hadfield)
    • Innovation
      • Use of other art forms or communication modes
      • Pairing between musical genres