Youth Reporters

You can make a difference!

What is a Youth Reporter?

This is an official approved role with the Coalition for Music Education in Canada as part of our Youth4Music program.


This role is perfect for young people who have an interest in communications, journalism, photography or videography.

Youth Reporters chronicle their school and/or community’s participation in Music Monday by

  • Writing an article or a series of articles

  • Posting messages and photos to social media

  • Becoming an approved Music Monday media spokesperson to your local print, radio or TV

  • Creating a video of Music Monday preparations and celebrations

  • Gathering information from fellow students and adults about the value learning music in their lives

Ready to become a Music Monday Youth Reporter?

Give us information about you and your ideas.  We will contact you directly after that.  You will receive a Roving Reporters’ Kit that includes tools and tips to help get you started.


Send a message to

for more information

Become the voice of your school or community in a nation-wide celebration of music!

Your voice, your opinion and your involvement matters!

What do I do?

Tell us about your school and/or community Music Monday experience

  • Interview event organizers, participants, teachers, principals, volunteers or parents,
  • Video an interview – write an article or series of articles,
  • Record the Music Monday celebration and send us your highlights and stories,
  • Be creative and innovative – follow your inspiration!

Meet with media after media training with our Public Relations team


Stay connected through skype, email or social media with the Coalition’s Lead Reporter

What Happens with your Work

Your work could be

  • Profiled through our website, e-newsletter, YouTube and social media,
  • Submitted for publication in journals or become part of a national communication strategy
  • You will have a voice about the importance of music education.

Will I be recognized for my work?

Absolutely!  You will receive an official Certificate of Completion, and a Letter of Appreciation.  In many cases, your work could contribute to community service hours. All approved Youth Reporters will be listed on our website (unless you would rather not).


Reporters from 10 separate communities will be selected by a Youth4Music panel to officially represent their community for Music Monday, and will receive a small honorarium.

Why does the Coalition want Youth Reporters?

To engage youth

  • To tell the story of music in their community through their own voice
  • To become agents of change
  • To build awareness about the importance of learning music
  • To link youth in different communities through a common bond of music
  • To capture diverse voices about the meaning of learning music

What is the Youth4Music program?
By youth – for youth – through music!

This program provides opportunities for youth who want to make a difference for music in their schools and communities.  Great examples of these opportunities include Music Monday Youth Co-hosts, Youth Ambassadors at Coalition special events, and much more. Youth Reporters will be asked to join the Youth4Music network.

Music Monday is an annual initiative of The Coalition for Music Education, an organization made up of parents, students, educators, and business people from varying walks of life who support school music programs and highlight the importance of music education for all young people in Canada. More info:

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